Android Changelog

[ 2.1.27 ] 2022-11-28


  • Location data collection improvements

[ 2.1.26 ] 2022-10-27


  • Added support for the webpage modals. The webpages are shown during the video notification at specified times

[ 2.1.25 ] 2022-10-24


  • Added public API setCustomerId to identify the customer. It can be seen in the portal through the subscriber explorer.

[ 2.1.24 ] 2022-10-04


  • Added the Geofence notification support. Geofence notifications are triggered if the user is in or enter the geofence. The maximum number of active geofences allowed on the Android is 18. Note that the geofence notifications are not repeatable, once triggered will be removed.

[ 2.1.23 ] 2022-09-23


  • Added the APIs to subscribe, and unsubscribe the device to the tags


  • Fixed the crash while clicking the button on video notifications, if the notification was created with no url attached to the button
  • Fixed the target url not opening with the standard notification