So now you're ready to send a notification and get your content in front of your subscribers!
In this section we will explain the different types of notifications we support and how to create them


Before you begin make sure

  1. You've created a segment of subscribers
  2. You've already uploaded your content

Types of Notifications

There are three main notification types:

  • Standard - simple notification without content
  • Video - notification with video
  • Carousel - notification with carousel images

Utilise the POST /v1/notification endpoint to save a notification without actually pushing it. This will return a notification object which will have a id field. Push subsequent updates to the notification using this id field to update same notification. Once you have finished creating your notification object, push it using POST /v1/notification/push endpoint (make sure to include the id in the body payload if you're pushing an existing notification)

We also have a simple endpoint, POST /v1/push, which can be used to fire off a notification in a single API call. Small guide to use this endpoint can be found here. Note: endpoint soon to be deprecated

There are also various aspects to a notification, including personalisation. This feature enables you to include personalised subscriber data into certain notification fields. For example if your subscriber is called "John", you can send a notification with a title of "Hello John!". Read more about personalisation here