v1.2.0 - added geofence capabilities

Most notable addition to this release is geofencing capabilities. You can now trigger a notification to be triggered for a specific segment only when the devices cross a particular geographical boundary you set using longitude/latitude/radius. This can now be set in the request body for upserting/pushing a notification
Full list of changes include

  • Geofence notifications via geofence field in request body
  • Improvements to the accuracy of our location segment rule
  • Added a new DELETE /tags endpoint to delete existing tags created via sdk

v1.1.0 - update to segments

This update we've introduced dynamism to segments to improve how they are generated. This is explained in more detail here
In terms of endpoint changes, main changes to take note are

  • POST /segment - remove use of includeAll body field. Instead to create segment of entire subscriber pool just omit the rules field
  • GET /segment/subscribers - endpoint now accepts also segmentBucketId. If thats provided, it will add the subscribers to that specific bucket. If segmentId is provided, it will add the subscribers to all the segments buckets
  • GET /segments - endpoint now accepts param includeBuckets to determine whether to also return the segments buckets
  • GET /subscribers - endpoint no longer accepts segmentId param