Android integration

To integrate our SDK into your Android app and be able to get a push all the way through from our API or dashboard into your app, there's just two steps that need completing.

  1. Generate and upload your Firebase key.
  2. Add our SDK to your app.

If you've already got a push notification provider, you might be able to skip part of step 1, but even so we still recommend checking through it all quickly - they don't take long and it might save you time later on!


  • Make sure that your project meets these requirements
    • Targets API level 21 or later
    • Gradle version v7.4 or later
    • compileSdkVersion 33 or later
    • Set up a physical device or use an emulator to run your app. Emulators must use an emulator image with Google Play.

If the above are all ticked off, then lets get going.